Meyer Nurseries is licenced to grow a large collection of different Ozbreed varieties.

These include Foliage First, Velvet Kangaroo Paws, Native Shrubs & Groundcovers

and the Hardy Exotic’s range.

Adding to our already large variety list, Ozbreed plants are proven performers to be tough, reliable & low maintenance.

Listed below are some of the varieties you will be able to order from Meyer Nurseries.


           Native Shrubs & Groundcovers                                                                                                              Hardy Exotic Range

BETTER JOHN™ Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ1′ pbr green OZBREED                                                                            LITTLE RUBY™   Alternanthera dentate ‘LRU30′ pbr green OZBREED


RED ALERT™ Callistemon viminalis ‘KPS38′ pbr green OZBREED                                                                           BLUSH™ Nandina domestica ‘AKA’ pbr green OZBREED


SLIM™ Callistemon viminalis ‘CV01′ pbr green OZBREED                                                                                        FLIRT™ Nandina domestica ‘MURASAKI’ pbr green OZBREED


CHERRY CLUSTER™ Grevillea rhyolitica x juniperina ‘TWD01′ pbr green OZBREED                                           COSMIC WHITE™ Raphiolepis indica ‘RAPH01′ pbr green OZBREED


AUSSIE BOX® Westringia ‘WES02′ pbr green OZBREED                                                                                           FLAT MAT™ Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘FT01’ pbr green OZBREED


MUNDI™ Westringia fruticosa ‘WES05′ pbr green OZBREED                                                                                  DENSE FENCE™ Viburnum odoratissimum ‘VOC1’ pbr green OZBREED

Foliage First Collection                                                                                                                                Velvet Kangaroo Paws

CLARITY BLUE™ Dianella species ‘DP401′pbr green OZBREED                                                                              AMBER VELVET™ Anigozanthos hybrid pbr green OZBREED



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Ozbreed is a well known environmental turf and landscape gardening plant breeding company. Specialising in improved varieties that are tougher, more uniform and often need less maintenance and water, we strive to provide better plants for landscape professionals and home owners alike.

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